We will set the standard for teaching students who have learning differences. Their educational journey will be transformative, uniquely defined by our innovative strategies and strong community collaboration.

We create a community of Laurel Learners who feel good about themselves and advocate for what they need so that they can participate and succeed in the world.


Laurel transforms kids lives! Our recent WASC accreditation visiting committee wrote, “ The School has embodied trust and respect so well that the students, during the Visiting Committee interviews, highlighted, appreciated, and attributed to their success at the school.”

  • “This is a sanctuary for me because I feel safe.”

  • “I feel appreciative for the teachers and to be here because they make me feel like I belong.”

  • “They prepare you for high school, teachers, tell us what behaviors are expected and unexpected.”

  • “We connect with the teachers therefore I am able to focus and learn the instructed materials even if it is boring because I have a relationship with the teachers.”

  • “The teachers are nice and encouraging.”

  • “I feel heard and seen.”

  • “I wish I had come here earlier or that my parents knew about this place earlier.”


We provide

-Individualized Program

-Blended classrooms

-Adaptive technologies

-Sensory supports

-Assistive technologies

-Executive Function Support

-Small Class Sizes

-Personalized Instruction

“This system allows a highly effective way for teachers to reach out to students at all different levels and diverse learning needs.” (WASC visiting committee 2018)


The Laurel School has a team of educators, partners, and students who collaborate to ensure that every individual at the school grows and succeeds.

“Communication between students, parents, faculty, and staff at The Laurel School is highly effective to a high degree forging strong, mutually respectful relationships for the good of the student.” (WASC visiting committee 2018)