We teach the way your kids learn. Using brain-based learning, our school programs are rooted in the latest scientific research on how the brain learns, including how students learn differently as they age, grow, and mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We also add a little magic of our own to complement your child's learning.


By grouping students according to similar academic needs, Laurel Learners rotate to several teachers throughout the day. This gives all the teachers the opportunity to teach and build a meaningful relationship with every Learner.

Student Success teams meet frequently to discuss progress, strategies, and potential interventions.

Student Portfolios

Every Laurel Learner builds a personal portfolio maintained by their learning team throughout their time at Laurel.

This portfolio contains work samples that document their academic progress across subject areas and provides evidence of growth areas of improvement.

Teacher Collaboration

Teachers meet weekly to coordinate lessons and collaborate on teaching methods to ensure the needs of all learners

are being met. This scheduled partnership among teachers strengthens communication and helps maintain consistency for behavioral and academic expectations.

Lexia & MAP Assessment

Alongside daily lessons in reading, we use adaptive technology to help gather data to better support each student. With Lexia RAPID Assessment, we are able to screen and monitor skills in reading and language, granting us information to apply to our instruction to guide students to success.

MAP Assessment allows us to further assess student progress in math and also in language arts.

Executive Function

Academic success is directly linked with the mastery of a wide range of skills that rely on the use of executive function skills. Laurel focuses on the importance of supporting and teaching strategies in the areas of shifting, flexible thinking, organizing, prioritizing, working memory, and self-monitoring.