Parents see the Laurel Effect!

“After a difficult first-grade year in another school, we were searching for an environment where our son could expand his knowledge, make new friends, and hopefully learn to love school again. The first time we sat down with our child’s Laurel School teacher for a progress report we were preparing ourselves for what we had heard in the past- he is disruptive, he cannot keep up, he refuses to participate in class. Instead, we heard that he was thriving in math - his most difficult subject. She explained that while he did not always approach a math problem the “expected” way, he was able to solve the problem and explain his alternative method. With that in mind, she said, “why wouldn’t I give him credit for that?” Teachers at Laurel recognize that learning is not all about memorization or repetitive worksheets - learning is about tapping into each child’s abilities while encouraging their uniqueness.”

-Karen Ward, Board Member and parent, 2018

“My son is currently a seventh grader at Laurel. He has been at the school since Kindergarten. After visiting every private kindergarten in SF and being told, “Sorry, we cannot serve your child,” we visited Laurel. We fell in love with Hal and all the teachers we met! Our son shadowed for two days and made it quite clear he loved Laurel too. Since starting at Laurel, I have watched my child grow and thrive! When he first came to Laurel, he was quite shy and reserved and had very few friends. Now he is a social butterfly and leader in his classroom. It has been an absolute relief to see him so happy. The Laurel community has also been a wonderful place for us as parents. I have made friends for life with people who “get it”. I believe firmly in the school and see daily transformation in the kids who attend here. l truly cannot imagine how different our lives would be without Laurel.”

-Simone Haas, Former Board President and parent, 2019

“My son has ADHD and dysgraphia. He is a bright, super high-energy kid who needs a lot of space- emotional, physical, temporal. In TK and Kinder, we got a note about his behavior almost every single day. He struggled academically and was constantly in trouble for disrupting class. It was stressful for everyone, and the constant negative feedback was not helping him grow. Discovering The Laurel School was an incredible gift. At Laurel, the small class sizes and individualized curriculum gave him room to learn. The teachers at Laurel looked for solutions and supported him. Once he was no longer the problem kid in class, he could relax and focus, and this was a huge relief for everyone involved. His Laurel school education has been invaluable: he is caught up to speed and exceeding grade level, he’s happy at school and excited to learn. For children with special needs- be they academic, behavioral, social-emotional, or simply physical - I can’t recommend The Laurel School highly enough.”

-Courtney Minick, Board Member and parent, 2018