We’ve created the perfect learning environment for students to broaden, deepen, and explore their learning abilities. Here's a list of what we offer:



Parts of speech. Punctuation. Storytelling. We explore a broad spectrum of language with your child. We inspire them to construct their thoughts confidently and write them precisely as they desire. Plus, we've adopted the Lexia Reading program, an adaptive data­ based reading program that is highly individualized.


Math is all about patterns and generalizations, not facts and memorizing. Our 5th graders found 3 "different" rules for one pattern. We stress how our brains grapple with abstract mathematical concepts. Students gain a deeper understanding of math when they approach it visually so we offer engaging lessons and tasks, along with a wide range of advice, including the importance of encouraging what is known as a growth mindset - offering messages such as "mistakes grow your brain" and "I believe you can learn anything."


Our Visual Arts program integrates art with science, social studies, math, and music. Students explore a variety of materials and techniques as they learn about their own creative processes. With an emphasis on process over product, our kids are introduced to "Artist Habits of Mind," and are encouraged to develop a craft, engage and persist, envision, express, observe, reflect, stretch and explore! These skills help them to excel in the art room, as well as in the world beyond.


Something incredible is waiting to be discovered, and we want your child to uncover it. Through a variety of learning opportunities from hands-on projects to problem-solving activities, we tap into your child's curious mind and help them explore the mysteries around them.


Your child will be engaged in lively, individual and team ­focused drama exercises and games to improve writing, speaking, and listening skills. We take all that talent and let your child perform in an all-school musical play, where everyone participates. #Applause


Our Middle School kids are encouraged to take part in experience-based classes, which can include photography, debate, robotics, crafts, blogging, coding, mobile-car building, guitar, yoga, creative writing, yearbook, hip-hop classes, and newscast.

As defined by The Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1994 (PL 103-218) “An assistive technology device is …any item, piece of equipment, or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the abilities of people with disabilities.” “An assistive technology service is … any service that directly assists a person with a disability in selecting, obtaining, or using an assistive technology device.” By law, AT must be considered for every student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

At The Laurel School, our Assistive Technology Program provides both AT services and devices. Each of our Elementary and Middle School students has a one-to-one Chromebook laptop. MacBooks are also available for specific student use when requested. These tools enable our students to access the material being taught and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in the most accurate and productive manner. In addition, each classroom is equipped with an Elmo Document Camera to aid visual and auditory instruction. Coupled with these devices, each room is also equipped with the Elmo wireless tablet. These devices are linked to an extra large flat panel wall mounted monitor for viewing. The Elmo device also offers the ability to record visual and auditory presentations, which can be forwarded to individual student’s Google Doc files for future reference. Every student at Laurel is individually screened to determine what tools and strategies best suit his or her skills and needs. Students are provided with instructions, both 1:1 and in small groups, until they are proficient using the recommended tools. They are also encouraged to advocate for themselves to assure that they have access to the AT that they require to succeed, whether in an academic or vocational setting. Knowledge and use of assistive technology will enable our students to become active, engaged learners.

To encourage social development, Laurel students can participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The students begin each day with a morning meeting and mindfulness exercise. The morning meeting promotes empathy and provides an avenue for children to practice the craft of conversation. The school has an active student council that meets weekly to provide planning for many various school projects, including the Laurel buddy day program. Representatives also lead the student body in developing our school constitution and agreements to live by, the pledge of allegiance each morning and the school monthly community meeting. In addition, after school enrichment opportunities include cooking, sports club, tennis, music, and more.

2018-2019 School Year